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2006: Carlisle Events...

June 2006  
Our friends arrived and once we finished with dinner it was time to see the "museum". We saved the Corvair for last. Gretel was actually getting curious and started uncovering it. She excitedly began speaking to Dirk in German, reminding him of the one she used to have when they were dating. He played the game - not telling her for another 10 minutes. I saw her speechless face when he told her after 40 years of marriage that the Corvair was hers. She was so happy. He later told us that he didn't know if "she loves him or hates him and maybe hit him for the car." I told them it was time to take a drive. So, down came the convertible top and off they went. The next morning we took the 67 Imperial convertible and they took their Corvair for lunch and then we were off to see Dad and Kathleen.

On Sunday June 18th we went to the "Summer Knights" car show at the old mental hospital that Dirk thought was a castle. Dirk of course found many people to talk to. (He found an VW delivery truck in particular, like the one he delivered things on when young). When the door prizes were called they got it for travelling the farthest. He thanked everyone on the PA system and told them how many lovely people he has met. One guy, (there's always one in the crowd), shouted out "He's not German." Of course when Dirk opened his mouth, all doubt was removed.
The Front Page  
Last night Josh, Jen and the girls came over. Dirk and Gretel very much enjoyed the visit - watching them ride their little vehicles and the girls were very loving to both of them.

Early Monday morning, Dirk was up, checking routes on his maps and writing then in a notebook for Gretel as co-pilot to follow. After breakfast they loaded up in the rain - the Corvair was under the house. They then left for Kentucky and Tennessee. While in Tennessee, they encountered a German man and his family. They had meals with them for two days in a row. The Politician had the local newspaper do a front page article on them. Dirk had four copies sent to our home. 
McQueen & Carlisle   
One Wednesday, July 5th, we took them to meet Kaye and Wilbur McQueen. They all were an instant hit and have become life long friends now. Much laughter and joking all the time! The invited us back when we got back from Carlisle.

On Thursday morning July 6, we all left for the All Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle P.A. Dirk, Anthony and little Big were in my Ford F150 as we had the bumpers of the 61 Imperial Lebaron to drop off at Tri-City Plating for re-chroming. They said it was the biggest bumpers they had ever seen. We stopped at Weavers restaurant in Hancock Maryland on the way up. Before we left Hancock, Dirk made a pit stop at the local liquor store to buy long necks. Dirk was driving Pink Lady, Anthony was co-pilot and little Big was in the back seat. After we checked into our hotel, Dirk realized that he purchased small pony bottles of beer, or baby bottles as he called them. We had many laughs over that.
Turtle Box  
We dropped off the Pink Lady at the Carlisle Fairgrounds and got her secured. We all then found a Cracker Barrel restaurant, which became Gretel's favorite. Dirk said the cooking was similar to home and when you are in another country for a long period of time, you crave food from home.

Another favorite was the "turtle box" luggage carriers on the top of cars. He told of a story of a family whose grandmother had died. She wanted to be buried on the opposite side of the Berlin wall where she had grown up. The family didn't have the finances or couldn't handle all the red tape involved. So they decided to put her body in the luggage carrier to get her to the correct destination with no problems. As they approached the village of her birth, exhausted the decided to stop for dinner. While inside the restaurant, the vehicle was stolen never to be seen again. The family couldn't report the theft or risk jail time themselves for doing something illegal. So, every time some Europeans see a "turtle box", they say Grandma is on her way".
1961 NewYorker  
The following day we arrived at the Carlisle Fairgrounds. Dirk, Anthony and Little Big donned their sandwich board signs I had made for seeking 1961 Chrysler Newyorker taillight for their friend in Germany, who had searched for one over the last two years. They found the taillight that their friend needed, but it was $1500.00. Teasingly, Anthony told Dirk that it would be cheaper to buy a whole car!

About an hour later, Dirk spotted a dealer bringing in multiple cars. He had a black 1961 Newyorker that had been dropped off a trailer causing front-end damage. An all original car that was in great shape except for the frontend. Later on Dirk came and got me at the Imperial tent. He said he had something he wanted to show me. Gretel had her video camera on me when I was looking at the 1961 Newyorker. A man asked me if it was my car. I said no, I'm just looking. Anthony then said; Yes its her car. I said no its not. He again said yes it is. I whirled around and said; "What the Hell". The Newyorker looked so sad, but had so much already done to her. The interior was great. It was a sharp car. We rented a U-Haul Car Trailer and loaded it up and left it on the Fairgrounds until we left for home.
That Means You  
When we arrived home, Dirk said he watched me at Carlisle and took note that I was able to see past the outer appearances of people. He said that the admired that quality in me because no matter where we were, I was able to be that way. (I hope I can always be a light in a dark world and random acts of kindness are always going to be a part to of me). The following week Dirk and Gretel took my F-150 Low Rider to Boston and then to Canada to get some parts of our newly purchased 1961 Newyorker. They then went to Washington D.C. Gretel drove my truck the whole time - while Dirk navigated. She loved it and I knew she would.

On a Sunday, we took them to a private junkyard in Preston County. So, off we went. It was a beautiful, sunny day. We drove by a river and stopped where they took video and some pictures. When we later arrived at the junkyard, the owner wasn't home. Nonetheless, Dirk and Gretel got the biggest kick out of his yellow No Trespassing Sign. It said: "Violators will be prosecuted. Friends, Family, that means you."

As we were walking back to the car, a man in a horse drawn carriage went by. Dirk got excited and we stopped. The gentleman was very agreeable and nice. He let Dirk and Gretel ride in the buggy. He said that it once belonged to a local doctor. Only the prestigious owned them at the time. After we talked for a while, Dirk asked if I could go for a ride. The man said sure! Dirk is always up to something - trying to get me in trouble. He just laughs that deep and hearty German way of his. As, I drove off he told Anthony to take care, I might not come back. I might run off to another life. The gentlemen gave me his phone number if I ever wanted to bring the Munchkins up for a ride.
Frick Art Museum  
My how time flies ... next stop was a step back in time to Westbrook's Esso Station. It was a very nostalgic look into the days of gravity feed gas pumps and all the antiques that went along with the period. Dirk and Gretel were in heaven! We were getting ready to leave when the owner drove up in a pickup truck. He offered to open the station so we could look inside. Dirk said "Super" (he pronounces it soop -ahh). Later, we made our way to Kaye and Wilburs for lunch. We had a great time with them.

The next day Anthony had to work all week and couldn't take any days off as he was the TA, which meant temporary supervisor. So, I would entertain alone. Early Tuesday morning we left for Pittsburgh to visit the Frick Art and History Museum. Dirk and Gretel called it 'White Glove". Reason being a gentlemen who worked there on staff, who happened to wear white gloves, not to leave fingerprints of the antiques. However, he kept trying to fingerprint me! Dirk really got a charge out of that. There were many beautiful cars there. We had lunch on a patio restaurant on the property. Dirk and Gretel kept teasing me that we should invite "White Glove" to join us. 
Cowboy Dancing
We made it home around 6 PM. I changed cloths to go to "Cowboy Dancing Class" as Dirk called it. Anthony took them to the Red Caboose for dinner and they dropped in to dance class just in time to see us doing our last dance of the evening. Dirk said "I love it".

Dirk and Gretel would fly home to Germany. Later on, Dirk would call and tell Anthony that a man, whose wealth few in this world could comprehend, wanted to come to meet this Anthony Lacaria. A few months later, we would be heading to Europe.

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