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Valerie, a traditional stay-at-home Mom during our children's formative years, was also a parent volunteer coordinator at a local village school system for fifteen years and coached Special Olympics and volunteered with the Salvation Army. A cosmetic representative for eight years, who would later run her own mail order Internet business and finally serve as an Office Administrator for Ameriprise Financial. A baseball, apple pipe and Chevrolet personality, who enjoys humanity, scrap booking, her vintage vehicles and at one time; dancing. 


By the late 1990's Bell Atlantic began turning their technological innovations away from West Virginia to more lucrative markets. To stay relevant, I was informed that I needed to move out of West Virginia. If I didn't, my background would fade and become outdated. We stayed committed to our home state, but at a cost. In the early the 2000's, I switched gears and entered Verizon's Outside Engineering Department where I would later retire from Verizon with 31 years of service.


Vintage Car Hobby Our 2008 American Flagged Hungarian Adventure
Horsham, PA July 2005 - Grundy Worldwide is proud to announce that Anthony & Valerie Lacaria took home the First Place in their division at the All-Chrysler Nationals held in Carlisle PA July 8-10. All at Grundy wish to congratulate them and their stunning 1972 AMC Javelin for achieving such a great accomplishment.

The Lacaria's are not exactly new to winning awards. Their 1956 Chrysler Imperial won the same award at the 2003 Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals and was invited back to the "Survivors Area" of the Nationals in 2004 & 2005. The "Survivors Area" is the best in the Nation of un-restored original automobiles..... For additional information on the Carlisle All-Chrysler Nationals, please visit the Carlisle Events at

Excursions 2003 - 2011

In 2003, a host of West Virginia citizens assisted a foreign couple in distress. The couple, who had a car like Valerie's rare 1956 Imperial, were travelling America in their own rare 1959 Imperial. Though the man spoke English, others had a hard time understanding him completely. So, they called Valerie and I for assistance. All of
which, led to a friendships and incomprehensible American and European Excursions and Adventures to come.

In addition to our new friends, a few others stick out. One, in the form of a Vatican historian and lexicon of knowledge. A philanthropist of continual motion, who would pen historical volumes and take the proceeds to purchase supplies for the poor and then accompany the supplies to their designated locations to cut out corruption. Though our desire to have the historian visit us in West Virginia would be upended by then geopolitical logistics, his presence would challenge anyone's perspective on life, death and the meaning of it all. A great collector of postage stamps, the historian would also be honored with his own image on an Austrian Postage Stamp.

Eger Hungary

Prior to this excursion, we were informed that we would be taken to places few Americans had been before. As we entered an American Flagged 1959 Imperial in Eger Hungary's International land rally, a 1950's designed Russian-era luxury sedan parked next to us. Later on, a very proud Hungarian couple also arrived in a restored American Army Jeep wearing their vintage American military uniforms. I mean, what memories.

All in all, very successful excursions, as shared in the sentiments below...

"They want to know when the Americans are coming back"

"I would have to make a list of the people who send their regards"

"They were pleased by the respect shown towards the historic and cultural aspects of their country"

"You have represented your country well; You are from America, so they love America"

"To think Americans, Germans, Hungarians and Romanians all at one table"

"Hello, Valerie, hello, Anthony and family...We have received the package .... It is a miraculous recollection of a wonderful holiday with you…"

"I was surprised to come across your painstaking preparation of Hungarian Goulash and thought that your German friends might like to know about my new book on the famous Hungarian dessert wine...The title is 'Tokajiine - Fame, Fate, Wine..."



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